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Gregory Watin

Gregory Watin, hailing from France, has earned international recognition for his distinctive "urban" style that has graced numerous exhibitions across Europe and the USA over the last 15 years. His creative process begins with capturing a photograph, which serves as his initial sketch. Immersing himself in the strength emanating from urban landscapes, he meticulously studies structures marked by time, collecting elements to construct an atmosphere and universe around these places.

Watin strives to breathe new life into these scenes, employing vibrant colors to make them uniquely his own. By incorporating various natural elements such as woods, cardboard, papers, and plexiglass, he adds layers of texture to his work.

There's a sense of urgency in Watin's artistic endeavors, a desire to capture ideas before they slip away, to convey instant gestures, collages, and impulses onto the canvas. His contemporary poetry is crafted from everyday materials and the essence of the town and its people. Far from being somber or doomed, Watin's urbanity is colorful and rhythmic upon closer inspection, revealing the vivacity and spirit inherent in the seemingly mundane.

Urban Reverie

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