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Chrys Roboras

Chrys Roboras, a distinguished Greek artist, born and raised in Australia and currently residing in Athens, has garnered recognition for her captivating artwork. Her paintings follow an anthropocentric direction, with a particular fondness for portraiture. This artistic choice serves as a gateway for her to intricately study and capture the nuances of the human soul. Through her brushstrokes and keen observations, Roboras delves into the essence of humanity, bringing forth a unique and thought-provoking perspective in her body of work.


In her latest exhibition at M | Herrington Gallery, Chrys Roboras continues to communicate profound narratives through her chosen mediums of white canvas, brushes, and colors. Adopting the persona of a unique mute narrator, Roboras intricately weaves stories without verbalizing them, allowing her art to be the eloquent messenger.  Roboras's engagement with the tales she paints is dynamic, at times casting herself as the main hero, protagonist, or impartial observer. Her compositions often feature the human form set against expansive, colorful semi-abstract landscapes, seemingly unaffected by the constraints of time. Some pieces portray the human form as an outline filled with a diverse palette of colors and shapes, symbolizing a vessel for emotions, thoughts, and memories.

In other works, a more realistic representation of the human form takes center stage, where characters live and breathe within dreamlike atmospheres. Roboras's art captures a sense of perpetual motion; figures are either arriving from somewhere or journeying towards an unknown destination. Even in moments of apparent stability, an underlying anticipation for the next step is palpable, imprinting the Present, the Past, and the Future onto their movements and trajectories.  At the core of Roboras's artistic exploration is the human condition—the profound individual sense of existence. This central theme is deeply rooted in her personal experience as a Greek of the Diaspora, navigating the intricate spaces between two cultures. Her works at M | Herrington Gallery serve as a testament to the complexity of identity and the ever-evolving journey that shapes the collective human experience.

Echoes of Existence

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